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What types of insurance can I get for my Salon & Beauty business?

Our standard public liability policies can easily have specialised treatment cover added to them, but why stop there? Whether it's buildings and contents insurance, business equipment, employers liability or stock insurance, we've got you covered. Using our simple online form you can easily pick and choose any additional cover options.


Business building insurance can simply be defined as a cover for the building where you run your business. The cover is designed to protect you in case your business premises is damaged. It is always wise to protect your buildings as you work hard to build your business.

Adding buildings cover to your policy can be done in a matter of seconds using our simple to use online form, everything gets packaged together so you get a single set of documents, you renew premium in one go, and best of all, you pay a single premium. We cover everything from accidental damage to destruction by flood, we're here to help you take the stress out of insurance.

What does Buildings insurance cover?

  • Cover against subsidence, flood, and accidental damage
  • Boarding up costs including replacement of any broken glass
  • Locks replacement in case keys inclusive of the digital cards are stolen.
  • Cover against loss of metered water
  • A free uplift on insurance sum. This will ensure that in case the insured event occurs, there will be no shortfall in your cover.


At Salon Insurance 4u we offer comprehensive cover that protects your business contents and stock, the brick and motor, or the windows. Whichever event you are insured for, you can be guaranteed that you will have something to fall back on in case the event you are insured for occurs.

Contents insurance protects your trade stock, fixtures and fittings, as well as furnishing against common risks whether you run your business from a rented building or you are the property owner. This type of insurance is ideal if you know that replacing your contents in case of calamity will be an uphill task. Policies can include:

  • Cover for promotional merchandise and trade stock
  • Protection for your residence or your employee’s residence if either or both of you work from home
  • Cover for broken glass replacement, damaged contents in windows, and damaged sanitary and display ware
  • Protection for personal items belonging to you, your employees, or your visitors


Your business' stock is as vulnerable as the any machinery and equipment you use. Losing your stock can have quite an impact on your cash flow and if the loss is substantial, there is a possibility that your business may find it difficult to recover. Adding stock cover to your policy will make sure you're covered, whatever the scenario.

What is stock insurance?

Adding stock insurance to your policy offers protection in case your stock is damaged or stolen. The additional cost depends on the quantity and value of stock while the insurance payment is based on stock price as opposed to the retail price.

Below are some checkpoints you can use to ensure that your needs are covered and you fully understand what to expect when you have a stock insurance policy.

  • Check your documents to understand how the stock needs to be stored to be covered
  • Update your insurer in case your business stocks grow in quantity or value
  • Check the exclusions and excesses clauses and make sure you understand what they all mean

Business Equipment

When you add Business Equipment cover to your policy, you can easily select if you require cover for electronic equipment, fixtures and fittings or any other contents belonging to your business.

Electronic Equipment Insurance

In this digital era, most businesses, big or small, have incorporated technologies that help in the daily running of the business. Most of the electronic equipment used in business does not come cheap and taking a cover that also includes these items is a wise move.

Electronic equipment insurance covers everything from mobile phones and laptops, to cash registers and other electronic items. Ensure that your equipment is covered to safeguard yourself against nasty surprises when your electronics fail to work for whatever reason or if they are stolen.

Fixtures & Fittings

Fixtures and fittings relates to any other shop contents i.e. computers and electronic business equipment, plant and machinery, patterns, models, moulds, plans and designs, general office equipment (desks, chairs etc).

Other Contents

Other contents can relate to the following:

  • Documents manuscripts and business books
  • Patterns, models, moulds, plans and designs
  • Computer system records (the value of the matierials themselves: the value to you of any information contained therein is not insured).
  • Paintings, curios and other works of art
  • Wines, spirits, cigarettes and tobacco held for your own private entertainment purposes
  • Trade samples

Tenants Improvements

Tenants Improvements covers you for the costs you incur to refurbish or improve a rented or leased property. Tenants improvements insurance is import because improvements you make on a business premises are not covered under the landlords building insurance. This means that in case the property where your business is located is razed to the ground, the property owner will only re-erect the building to its original state.

Business Interruption

Adding business interruption cover to your policy covers you for additional expenses or loss of profit in case you are unable to trade after an insured event occurs.

Working Away

This is a term used to describe an occasion when you are working away from your business premises. The occasion can arise when you have to visit a client, work from home, or work in another location.

If your policy does not offer protection for business activities done away from the physical address, you may put your business at risk. In the past, Working Away was considered to be inherently risky and a separate cover for the same was offered. A specialist cover was often required and the details and requirements were complex. Thankfully, many things have changed now and the market place has evolved to make it easy for business owners to add and incorporate this form of insurance to their business.

Salon Insurance 4u you can simply select it when filling out our online form as part of your additional insurance options.

Business Money

We also have a variety of products designed to keep your money safe. These products can cover your cash on site within and beyond business hours and during transit.

How can I cover my business cash?

You have many options as far as business cash cover is concerned. You can choose to be covered for damage or loss of money in the business premises during and after business hours, cover for money in transit, protection of money in personal custody and private residence, or even cash stored in a strong room or locked safe. Each option is easy to add to your policy when completing our simple to use online form.

Goods in Transit

Goods in Transit cover comes in handy in case your vehicle overturns and destroys your stock while in transit or in case a calamity such as a fire occurs. This cover is designed to cover your business from the additional risks that arise when goods or stocks are in transit.

What is goods in transit cover?

Adding goods in transit indemnity to your policy can cover all goods carried in your vehicle for trading purposes. These goods may include your own building supplies or other people supplies such as packages. This type of cover is designed to give you peace of mind when your goods are on transit. With such a cover, you can rest easy and be assured that you will not have to foot the bill in case your goods get lost, damaged, or stolen during transit.

Why do I need goods in transit insurance?

In case you own a vehicle for business goods transportation, you will either use the vehicle to carry your goods to and from work or transport business goods to various locations. You can also offer haulage services and transport goods for other parties.

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